The Foie Gras T-Shirt

[ fwa: gra: ti: Iirt]

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Stop Tofu Abuse – Eat Foie Gras

The infamous foie T was born of the attempts animal rights thugs to censure local chefs by bullying chefs, destroying property and intimidating their families. After discarding one chef’s ill considered call for a bumper sticker, we collaborated with our favorite T Shirt guy, Roger of Creative Origins, and some of our favorite chefs to create the must have fashion accessory of the season. We printed twenty for a few friends, but as we drove those to San Francisco’s top kitchens and cooks came streaming out demanding them, we realized that we had better print more.

The initial income was donated to Slow Food, who on vegan critique demanded despite initial consent that the Slow Food Logo be removed from the several hundred T’s piled high on the Chefs’ Professional floor. (Quote: neighbor is a vegan, and tofo is like her mantra.) (Reply: You come down here with a can of turpentine and an eraser and have at it.)

After a couple of months packing the shirts in envelopes and walking them to the Post office every day, we decided to get out of the business. Slow Food San Francisco had enough seed money to launch Lorenzo Scarpone’s fabulous Golden Glass event, and we are not a T-shirt store.

The shirt is now sold by and the sole property of the highly evolved crew of Creative Origins, one of the nicest companies ever to silk screen jersey – who will add your logo to it for a small price. We never made or intended to make a cent. We just don’t like bullies and people who are not our mothers telling us what we can and cannot


The history after the history

Proving what we already know about politicians, California passed a ban on Foie which was caught up by pandering pols in other locations. Nothing as feel good as ducks with big livers, regardless of the facts. The arguments are old and can be googled, but the end is that Chicago unanimously repealed the ban, which proves what we in California have long suspected: That the Mid West got an unfair advantage on common sense.

We are often asked, “What do you have against tofu.” The answer is actually nothing, except that it is too healthy and usually doesn’t taste all that good, except tofu skin. In fact, we argue against the abuse of soy and tofu. Moreover, we argue for the right of anyone including vegans and vegetarians, who are in our experience exquisitely lovely people, to eat whatever they like.

We get less hate mail these days, and frankly we miss it. We generally shares it with local chefs, all of whom have a good laugh before returning to their job of making your life more pleasant. We send the really nasty ones to Dan Scherotter, who passes the threats along to the FBI. (Dan’s hate mail should be sent directly to chefdan @ Better yet, stop by Palio D’Asti, have some delicious pasta and tell him directly. Dan loves a good argument, and he makes a mean baby veal chop.

Back to the T-Shirt and Roger of Creative Origins who is a highly evolved gentleman and a scholar as well as a great help if you ever need a T-shirt:

Roger now sells the T-Shirt. We ceded all rights with a sigh of relief. We buy a few now and then as gifts, some of which we take back to New York for the great gatherings of the Chef Tribes, but Roger is your man for T-s. Here is the secret: One shirt costs $18. Twenty do not. If your entire staff wants to go duck elegant, then consider a bulk order. Even better, think up a better shirt and let us know.