Tips and Tools

The Electronic Arsenal

For about $9 a year you can have your own domain with either email forwarding or a small mailbox. No matter how often you change providers, you can keep your address, and you can build a site later.
You don't need to go to Kinko's to fax your resume. Most operating systems have a fax console which lets you fax a file from your computer or a scanned document
Most phone providers offer an internet messaging service which allows you to pick up your phone messages from any computer.
Consider using webmail rather than outlook or a desktop mail program for your job search. You can filter your job mail into folders and pick it up on any computer.
Even if you don't like mobile phones, consider getting a cheap prepaid phone for your job search. You won't need to sign a year subscription, and the cost is tas deductable.
Functions like attaching a resume to an email or organizing your mail in folders are very easy. If you don't know how, just look for it in "Help".
A $15 keychain USB thumb drive/memory stick loaded with your resume, menu, pictures, etc. is a great way to have your job search documents with you at all times and comes in very handy at interviews..

The Electronic Job Search

How to make your computer and other gadgets work for rather than against you.

The more things change, the more different they are.

New technologies bring new challenges and new customs. With the advent of the email resume from templates come new rules for behavior and bigger and better ways to annoy or impress the recipient of your resume.

Computers and Email


More and more employers are moving away from faxes. Don't assume that an employer wants a fax. Ask how your resume should be sent.


If you are actively seeking a position, it is your responsibility to be available. A dicey answering machine on a single home phone shared by a dial up connection is not sufficient. Getting a message late at night is dicey. Missing calls or getting them days later is bad for a job search.

If you have only one home phone line and no DSL, make sure that you have call waiting and that your line will ring through if you are on the computer. There are still a couple of gizmos around for this.

At the very least you need voicemail of your own.

Turn off your cell phone during interviews. Don't even put it on vibrate.

Figure out where the hot spots in your area are before you get the call with the job offer. When you phone from work, try to find a quiet place. Multi stall bathrooms are poor choices. Broom closets and walk ins better, or an office where you are alone.

Your family love you. Your friends and roommates do to, and they can do your job search considerable damage if they share the love with a potential calling employer. It's wise to explain to those sharing your phone that you would appreciate their just taking a name, message and number. Especailly your mother.