Fun must be. In a stressful industry a sense of humor and a little nonsense are essential survival skills. We hope you enjoy.

  • The Infamous Foie T Shirt: Conceived in anger, the white duck is worn by some of the finest chefs in the world.
  • Jo Lynne is a big fat cow, and we have pictures to prove it: Named as a birthday present, the real Jo Lynne lives on Bobbolink Dairy under the tender, loving care of Jonathan White and his wife Nina. Bobbolink is the source of some of the nations most cutting edge raw cheese.
  • Unintentional resume humor: After years of growling and howling amongst ourselves at outrageous or endearing resume bloopers from Beef Brigham Young to Execution Sioux Chefs, we began collecting. Unfortunately this caused people to be more cautious with their resume, so we are still searching. Submissions gladly accepted.

Frippery: something showy, frivolous, or nonessential c: ostentation; especially : something foolish or affectedly elegant

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