A good resume providing us with sufficient information about your previous employment will enable us to offer you more appropriate opportunities. For resume guidance and career help please visit our sister blog at the  Chefspro Career Toolbox
Chefs' Professional Agency appreciates candidates' need for discretion. Our clients also require confidentiality, so it is often not possible to provide information to candidates.
We will not check references or send out resumes without first speaking with applicants.
Chefs' Professional Agency reserves the right to confirm both written and spoken statements after first speaking with an applicant.

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To apply for or inquire about any positions please forward a resume via our contact via our contact page. (just click on the contact button to the left).

We check backgrounds and  previous employment and reserve the right to withdraw or reject a resume misrepresenting work history.  Unless otherwise stated our applicants must be in the United States and have at least valid working visas. We cannot and will not present candidates whose background does not give evidence of logical career growth and stable employment.  For further inquiries or to apply please mentio


 To apply please forward a resume in Word or RTF format through our contact page. Please forward only RTF or Word documents without pictures.