Crib Sheet for your restaurant and job description:

Sample Sous Chef Entry

4/93- 5/98	Pierre's Parisian Hashery	Paris, Oregon.
		Sous Chef (hired as tournant) for 120 seat French/American
		bistro serving 80-120 lunch, to 300dinners. Basic American 
		cuisine with a French accent. Answered directly to chef.
		Supervised staff of 5-8  in chef's absence. Involved in  		Purchasing andmenu planning. Off premise catering for 
		events to 150. Paris Patoon's  "Best hash in town" award 96 		and 97. Gazat Guide five forks.
		(Contact: Owner Pierre Pate, 800 555 8181)

Sample Education Entry

The training and education of a potential regional chef might appear as follows:

Training, Education, Courses:

Grover Cleveland high school , Puddingtown, MN: 2 year vocational training program with apprenticeship. Graduated 1981.
ACF certified apprenticeship Puddingtown Community College: Eighteen month cooperative program with hands on training at the Cleveland Continental Hotel under Chef Hans Himmlischsuppe. AAS 5/93
Minnesota State College at Puddington: BA in restaurant management. Emphasis on back of house management systems. BA 4/95.

Continuing Education Courses:
Hospitality computing. Sanitary seafood storage and handling. Employee psychology. Employment screening and interviewing techniques.

Showing jobs in Block Text

1983 - 1986  Various positions:
		Charlie's Grill, Inn on the Place, Burger Shack, La Bonne Femme: 
		A series of pantry, prep, grill and line positions.
	Previous experience:
		Three years in pantry, saute and grill positions. 1 year as bus

Consultancy Listing


Bowes, Bowes and Bowles Kitchen Konsultancy: 4/95-6/96 Contracted by B & B Kitchen Solutions to five Ohio restaurants for fixed term employment:
  • Ma's Home Hamburger Heaven: Menu redevelopment, staff food safety training, kitchen upgrade.3 months.
  • Chez Ferdinand: Recosting of menu, staff training, streamlining process.
  • La Tempesta di Cleveland: Fill in Executive Chef. Staff assessment. Menu design.
4/95-5/96 Short term independent contracts with the following restaurants:
  • John's Jersey Jam House: Sous Chef during Sous Chef's vacation. 4/95-7/95
  • Lone Star Steakhouse: Temporary Chef de cuisine. 7/95-1/96
  • Ross Dinner: Kitchen manager contracted from 3/96-5/96